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Delicate Arali blossoms add a splash of colour and cheer to every garden. Their heavenly beauty is what makes them a popular temple offering. Carry along a piece of paradise for all your notes, thoughts, and doodles.

Kathakali (Single Colour)

A combined expression through dance, songs, colourful costumes, and make-up, Kathakali is a surreal experience from beyond. You can now bag a piece of Kerala here.

Kerala Saree – Kathakali

In the heart of Kerala, where the lush green landscape kisses the shores of the Arabian Sea, lies a hidden treasure trove of artistry and tradition. This is where Coconut Stories was born, a creative haven where the timeless elegance of Kerala sarees comes to life through original illustrations and the intricate art of multi-color screen printing. "Art Forms of Kerala" by Coconut Stories is not just a collection; it's a tribute to the timeless charm of God's Own Country, woven into every thread. Embrace the enchantment, wear the memories, and revel in the harmony of tradition and contemporary elegance.