About Coconutstories

It’s no secret that we’re passionate about Kerala. And we want to wear our heart on our sleeves – quite literally!

Coconut Stories was born as a celebration of Kerala’s culture, traditions, quirks and eccentricities that make it unlike anywhere else. It’s a stylish ode to our local stories and a unique way to flaunt your love for God’s own country.

Our Mission

God’s own country has craft and creativity much less explored. With streets and streams brimming with unique views and hues, our mission is to capture all its beauty and present in products that are authentically and originally Kerala.

Our Vision

To encapsulate every element of beautiful Kerala and present it with passion and finesse like never before. To create a brand that is a tribute to God’s own country in every manner and sense.



The Founder

Ratheesh Menon wears his Kerala-loving heart on his sleeves. It’s a love that burned strong even as education and work took him to Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, and all the way to UAE. But as you know, distance does make the heart grow fonder. In 2011 he returned to his hometown, buzzing with ideas and brimming with hope.
He partnered with two friends to channelized his 15 years of ad expertise into Popkon Creatives, an advertising powerhouse that has been putting Kochi on the map.

But even the excitement of chasing deadlines cannot compete with the passion he feels for home. Coconut Stories is Ratheesh’s flamboyant expression of love for his homeland – Kerala. As a proud Malayali, he knows that home is where the art is. With each collection, he is sharing a piece of Kerala with the world.

Ratheesh Menon